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Hidden Artifacts is the newest FREE story-based hidden object game from Hullabu, the creators of the widely popular James Patterson and Dream Day Wedding tablet games.  This exciting new game is an around-the-world adventure where you solve mysteries; find lost, stolen, or hidden artifacts and work through puzzles.  Each new case brings you a whole new story line with new scenes, new mini-games, new characters, and a new mystery to solve.  In Hidden Artifacts there is always a new case and it is always FREE to play!


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Featured on The History Channel and ION Network!

78 thoughts on “Hidden Artifacts

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    • Hello Muriel! Thank you for writing in. Great news, Hidden Artifact Agency is in the process of being updated to include new cases for you to enjoy! Just hold tight and you’ll see an update from us soon. Keep gaming! -Jamie, Hullabu Support Team

    • Hi Luis! Thank you for reaching out. Actually, Hidden Artifact Agency gets new content monthly. So just stay tuned and the App will update soon with new content! -Jamie, Hullabu Support Team

    • Hello and thank you for writing in! With gold coins you can buy power ups right before a level starts, or add some additional time in case you’re having difficulties finding objects. Hope this helps! -Jamie, Hullabu Support Team

    • Diamonds can be earned by returning to the game each day (daily bonus), by increasing your level, and by special rewards through out the game. You need to connect to Facebook for many of the free ways to collect diamonds. Happy Gaming! -Jamie, Hullabu Support Team

  5. Oh, the other thing is, it’s weird that you have to play one search scene four times to get enough power to get a full “star”. By the time I play the scene four times, I’ve used up all my energy. So, it’s making it really hard for me to,continue on the game without buying diamonds. I played gatsby, and I really loved it, but this game is proving harder to love because I don’t want to buy diamonds. I figured out that even if I buy diamonds, if it takes me four times playing one scene to get a star, I will always run out of diamonds. Any advice is appreciated.

    • We make this game free for folks that can wait for the energy to refill, and provide the opportunity to buy, find or earn diamonds and energy if you do not want to wait. Gold coins can also speed up your progress. Hope you enjoy! -Jamie, Hullabu Support Team

      • Apologies to all of our Hidden Artifacts fans! As you all notice, we are a week into March and the new version of Hidden Artifacts, with many improvements and a new case, has not yet launched. We are in the process finishing up this next case and expect it live soon. Thank you so much for your patience and support! In the meantime we’ve made The Great Gatsby free, until we launch the Hidden Artifacts update: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id608608028

        Jamie, Hullabu Support Team

    • It’s coming soon, I promise! We’re just finalizing our testing on it and then pushing it live shortly. Thank you for your patience! In the future the new cases will be released quicker.

  6. Thank you for putting out the Great Gatsby game (for free) it was fun, but I finished it in one & a half days. Is there another similar game for free to play that will passify us until the fifth case is available? Thanks.

  7. We’re expecting it live before the end of the month. It’s being submitted to Apple tomorrow! Thank you all for your patience – we’re anxiously awaiting the launch too!

    Jamie – Hullabu Support Team

  8. I’m missing the daily bonuses when they are energy. When I log in on a new day to play, my energy is already full, so it can’t be filled further. Then when I play through my saved energy, there seems to be no way to access the daily bonus energy. Am I missing something?

    • Hi Jay! Your energy daily bonus will run your energy over the maximum display, but the actual energy (the number) will show that you’ve received this bonus. Another way to receive more energy for free is with Facebook friends. You could regularly come to the game with 75/55 energy, for example.
      Sincerely, Jamie – Hullabu Support Team

  9. Thanks, Jamie…I decided to try it out this morning. The daily bonus offered was 20 energy. My energy meter was at 55. I accepted the bonus, and nothing happened. The meter remained 55/55 and NOT 75/55. I thought maybe the extra 20 was invisible, but usable, but when I got through 5 rounds of play (at 10 each) I was prompted to buy more energy, instead of still having 20 left. Is there something I need to adjust? Or am I misunderstanding, and you are telling me that Facebook is required to receive the daily bonus?

  10. When are new cases expected to be released, I am looking forward to some (hopefully the sooner the better )
    Great game you guys produced, bravo !

    • Really sorry for the excessive delay. We ran into some unexpected problems and then ended up finishing another feature we had been working on. So the new case is done being tested and submitted to Apple for review today.

      In addition to this new build having a new case, we also introduce “Collections”. Each scene (including those you’ve already visited in the past!) can have a fragment of a famous portrait. As you visit scenes in your current and past cases, you’ll start to build up a collection of fine art. It’s really fun, and right now we have 42 unique portraits with fragments scattered throughout the game. We hope you enjoy this feature!

      Jamie – Hullabu Support Team

  11. Where can I go to figure out the keys…..the pictures on
    The keys are tooooo small for me to see to even guess….

    • Hello Debbie – thank you for writing us.

      We will have the 8th case ready in August for your enjoyment, along with other great improvements to the game.

      Jamie – Hullabu Support Team

  12. I have completed all 8 levels and gotten all pieces of the artworks. I can only assemble a painting when I get enough coins. With no new cases I can only get a handful of coins playing old cases over and over. When will new cases be composing, I don’t buy coins or diamonds so it has been a long time waiting!

    • Hello Bob,
      We’re actively working on rebalancing the coin cost for assembling the paintings. Thank you for your feedback as we do our best to create a fun and engaging game.
      Jamie – Hullabu Support Team

  13. Hi best programmer this game is the best i ever played but now after the 6 stage i whant more smile please tell me when do you get ready for the next stages”DIE SICHERGESTELLTE SCHRIFTROLLE”
    With best Regards

    • Hello Georg,
      You should see Part 2 in Germany very soon! The team is hard at work providing the German version.
      Thank you,
      Jamie – Hullabu Support Team

    • Hi Chris – are you on an Android device? If so, we have fixed this issue and expect it to be live any moment. Please ensure you have the latest version from the Google Play Store. Thank you!
      Jamie – Hullabu Support Team

  14. I have from past seven cases, about 15 stars , can I use them forward ? Look forward to the next case in August , I give you 5 stars for this game .

    • Hello Lucinda, thank you for contacting us! Stars that you have accumulated can only be used in that particular case. In the future we may add tasks and such for cases that you’ve completed in the past that will make use of those stars, however they will not carry over to new cases. I hope this helps!

      Jamie – Hullabu Support Team

  15. Please can you help,Everytime i try to solve the puzzle for Explore manuscrpts seal.It lets me take the manuscript to the magnifine glass then everything freezes and i cant get in or out of the game,I have to try to shut my tablet down but it wont always let me do that.Grateful for some help thank you..

    • Hi Sharon – you earn more gold by playing more locations. Our next update will include even more ways to earn gold. You can of course always purchase a package 🙂 Thank you! – Jamie, Hullabu Support Team

  16. Hi I sent the info on what device I am using and still haven’t gotten a reply. I’m still stuck on case 6 where I need 5oz of water. Has anyone else been able to get it right?

  17. I tried to get past the 5 oz. water part on a kindle and never could. I replayed the other options until I had enough to skip it.

  18. Sorry I keep saying 5 oz when it’s 5 cups. Just tried again and the only things I ended up with are 6 or 3 cups. Guess I will not figure it out. Thanks for the help.

  19. Have completed 8 cases and have found all picture pieces, have v been working on assembly, bored with the fact that new cases remain locked. When or what had to be done to unlock case 9

  20. I just kept searching the other locations earning more diamonds until I had enough diamonds to skip the 5 oz. part.

  21. I am currently on case 7, unexpected letter. The task is to explore manuscripts seal. I am using a kindle and have tried to place the manuscript under the magnifier half a dozen times. Every time I do this, the manuscript is broken into two spots and I can’t move it. Also, only one time has the camera taken a picture. I am completely and totally stopped. If I can’t move the manuscript, I can not photograph the fragments, I cannot assemble the seal. I have to shut my kindle down each time I try as the screen seems to freeze. Help!!!!!

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